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Sarah and Claire    

Our mission is multifaceted. We wish to raise public awareness of the increasing frequency of deadly force used in domestic violence disputes. Deaths at the hands of a significant other are alarmingly on the rise. These situations are especially tragic when minor children lose their parents, as in the case of our family's beloved Sarah Ann Rosio. This web-site is dedicated in her memory.

Who was Sarah?

Sarah tragically died by strangulation January 13, 2010, and is survived by her 20 month-old daughter. Sarah's immediate family incurred un-insured burial expenses and resultant debt. Thus, we encourage your review our site in hopes you might provide assistance within your abilities toward final expenses and the establishment of a trust fund for Sarah's daughter. The motivation for our participation in this effort stems from the death of Sarah Rosio. Sarah was a twenty-four year old young lady that came to an untimely domestic violence related death on January 13, 2010. Sarah is survived by a beautiful minor daughter Claire.

You may help.

The tragic and violent death of our beloved Sarah has left our family devastated and with great concern for the future well being of her beautiful 20 month-old daughter Claire. We remember and memorialize Sarah's life with material on this site. Should you be moved to assist the family with their final expenses and Claire's future please know your every prayer, thought and contribution will be greatly appreciated. A memorial fund has been established at Chase Bank to meet these needs. Please send an email to info@SarahRosio.org to receive an auto-response with contribution details or use the PayPal Donate button on this site. We extend our support and prayers for similarly situated victims.


Thank you for your generous assistance, prayers, and support. Please remember to pray for those in similar situations and provide help when possible.  

Our sincere gratitude is extended to the Wauwatosa Police Department for their exemplary support of the immediate family during the investigation of Sarah's death. And for their investigative expertise, as well as that of the many other law enforcement agencies and public service agencies involved in the investigation.

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